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NOT a fun day...

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 04, 2008 3:30 pm    Post subject: NOT a fun day... Reply with quote

So, a few Saturdays back, I'm up and around, and am pulling on my pants. First one leg, and then, while balancing on my right leg, I start to put my left foot through and whoops - I begin to lose my balance, and with all my weight on that one leg, I twist to catch my balance.

Looking back on it, I probably should have just fallen on my butt. But NO. I had to twist to try to recover. When I did, I heard AND felt my knee go "pop!" So, I sat down pretty quickly anyway, said "Oh Golly Gee, That Sure Hurts" (Or maybe something else... &*&@+!!!) but, I couldn't put ANY weight on that leg at all. Nada. After a couple of hours on the recliner, putting ice on it every half hour or so, with no relief, Andrea and I got to spend an exciting 6 hours at the urgent care facility. Since the XRays were negative, I got the "care and feeding of a sprained knee" brochure, with the admonstration to see my family doctor on Monday. Which I did.

He proceeded to twist the knee in ways it is not designed to go, and watched my reactions. After I released him from the hammerlock around the neck, he allowed that the MCL was certainly involved. But, how much, and what else was involved, he couldn't tell, And, since HMOs will ONLY let specialists order a test that could tell for sure (CAT scan/MRI) he would have to refer me to an orthopedic specialist. Since I have one on retainer, it seems, I was able to get in two days later. They did the same tests, but, since she wouldn't take kindly to a full nelson or a kick in the groin, I just gritted my teeth, & jumped a bit. She said the same thing as my doctor, and ordered an MRI. Which was what both of the other doctors said would be needed in order to know what was wrong... How's that for an efficient health system?

Got the MRI done last week, and was able to see the specialist the next day. And, the result - Torn meniscus, strained MCL. The MCL will heal on its own. The tear requires surgery.

My daughter told me that I must have gotten my knees from Big Lots...
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