Submitting Photos for Posting

There are several ways you can submit photos to the O'Quin and Tiller Photo Albums. 

The first method would be to scan the photos or have them scanned. In order to be assured of the best possible quality, I recommend (minimum) 300 dots per inch (dpi) 8 bit grayscale for a B/W image and 300dpi RealColor (JPEG [preferred,] or GIF,) with low-loss option set for a color image.  Having an image with this resolution practically guarantees a large file, however, if the file is of lower resolution, I will have little leeway in the manner of presentation, and the displayed image could be grainy. In fact, if you were scanning a small portion of a photo, it would be beneficial to scan it at higher higher resolution, as I did on photo oquin07a on the first page of the O'Quin photos. This small portion of the larger photo was scanned at 1200 dpi.

After the photo is scanned, you have several choices: you can e-mail the image to me (please, do not limit the image size or quality when emailing an image...) You can also save the image(s) onto computer media (3.5" diskette, CD-Rom/DVD, USB thumb drive, or memory card) and then mail the media. A third (less desirable) option is to upload the photo(s) to a photo hosting site and email the address to me. This option is less desirable, as these hosting sites generally limit the size of the image file to a relatively low value, which can severely limit the resulting photo quality. In any of these cases, you should include pertinent information, including full names of people in the photo(s), the date (or approximate date, if known) the photo was taken, location, if known, and any other information you feel would be beneficial, including family relationships. If you have an email address, please be sure to include it if the photos are mailed.

I will cite the photo submitter on the web site.  I will normally link the submitters email address as well, to enable researchers to contact you.  If you do not want your email address posted publicly in this way (as it tends to lead to Spam EMail,) I can, as an alternative, add a Forum link to your registered Member ID at the O'Quin Zone forums. In this manner, your email is not displayed publicly; the person contacting you would be requested to log on to the forums, and send the email via the forum Send Email page. Even though your email is not publicly listed, but, you can still be contacted by via email by third parties. Please let me know.

If you do not have access to a scanner, you can mail the photos to me and I will scan them for you. I will, of course, return the photos to you as soon as they are scanned, (within days) along with a digital copy of the photo(s) on CD-ROM. If you've mailed a thumb drive or memory stick, I will return this as well; I wouldn't normally return a Diskette/CD/DVD unless requested...)

My mailing address is:

Lou O'Quin 
838 N. Blue Marlin Drive
Gilbert, AZ 85234 

Note: If you physically mail either the photo(s) or disks with the image(s) to me, please send me an email informing me of this, so I can be on the lookout for them.

1 March 2011


1 March 2011